While setting up the roadmap for sustainable heating for the whole city of Amersfoort, the municipality has taken the initiative to go further and draft an implementation plan specifically for the neighbourhood of Amersfoort Schothorst Zuid. Over Morgen has assisted the municipality throughout the procedure with technical-financial expertise and process management skills. The neighbourhood of Schothorst Zuid has been selected for its multiplicity of options for heating (housing that is suitable for heating networks as well as all-electric), its combination of rented and owned property and the presence of three large housing corporations and their property.


Our solution

Over the course of the last half-year, we have established the substantive basis for the heat transition plan. We have determined the impact of the transition to natural gas-free heating for the buildings in the neighbourhood. Special attention has been given to private housing. We have also established the specific sets of measures for rental properties in agreement with the housing corporations. Secondly, we have determined the impact for the other property owners. In our analysis of the impact, we differentiate between technology, required investments and options for financing. Afterwards, we have moved on to the neighbourhood level. The impact that the all-electric option would have on the necessary investments to be made by network manager Stedin became immediately evident. We have organised meeting sessions with the residents in order to obtain a clear understanding of the questions that are raised in their community. It has been established that there is a need for more specific information on the different heating options. We have addressed this need by means of an information session which was attended by 500 people.


By the end of June, we will negotiate with different professional stakeholders and with the residents to draft the final neighbourhood implementation plan. Here, we also act in parallel with the Dutch Climate Agreement. We also align with the roadmap for sustainable heating in Amersfoort, which is expected to be submitted in April this year.

Gepubliceerd: 15-06-2020