The municipality of Beesel asked Over Morgen to help them draft their policies on large-scale renewable energy generation and explain the ins and outs of the installation of solar and wind farms.


Our solution

In our 90-minute wind and solar energy Masterclass we have introduced the almost hundred participants (interested residents of the municipality) to the role of solar and wind energy in the Dutch energy transition, the technology behind solar and wind energy, the business case in the current market and the (financial) prerequisites for development.

Participants have obtained sufficient knowledge to make informed choices about potential locations to implement large-scale renewable energy in their municipality. They know all the ifs and buts and the dos and don’ts, and are able to better assess the potential opportunities for project locations. This is definitely a prerequisite for creating shared policies for large-scale renewable energy generation. The participants’ feedback in our wind and solar energy Masterclass was very positive. A promising start!



Gepubliceerd: 03-07-2020