Over Morgen is currently developing a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) for the Zuidas together with a consortium of partners. The Zuidas is a highly-developed business district in Amsterdam and the foremost business district in The Netherlands. MaaS is a one-stop-shop for mobility, with all forms of mobility tied together to best serve the traveller. More and more forms of shared mobility are offered on the market. Cars, scooters, bikes. All these shared services have their own app, require registration on their platform, a warranty, etcetera. To plan your trip, you need to check all the apps to see what mode of transportation is available in the neighbourhood.


MaaS simplifies every travellers’ life by integrating planning, booking, payment and travelling. All journeys and all options in one overview, in one app. Every traveller gets the travel advice best suiting their preferences.


The infrastructure system feeding the Zuidas will be redeveloped substantially in the coming years. The MaaS system will give people a good alternative for car travel. Less cars means less parking spots and more room for redevelopment. The MaaS solution will also help minimize the hindrance from the infrastructure construction works.


Over Morgen can help you integrate MAAS into your policies, to achieve your mobility and sustainability goals. We consult governments and companies on the implementation of MaaS and offer an integrated platform for MaaS including all relevant public transport and mobility services. And we can market the MaaS platform and onboard clients. Are you interested a MaaS development, feel free to contact us.

Gepubliceerd: 30-06-2020