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The province of Gelderland has noticed that many roofs in the province are not yet being used for the generation of solar energy. Therefore, in 2019-2020, they want to encourage businesses and organisations to install solar panels. The goal is to help build 600.000 m2 of additional solar panels on rooftops. Over Morgen was asked to develop a specific approach to reach 200 SDE+ subsidy requests (Renewable Energy Incentive Scheme) in two rounds in the regions of Arnhem, Nijmegen and Rivierenland.


Our solution 

We provide reliable and thorough information on the installation of solar panels on rooftops. We focus on unburdening the rooftop owners by requesting the SDE+ subsidy on their behalf. This is a fundamental step in our approach.


GIS data tool and local networks

We started with a data analysis of all rooftops in the province with a surface between 1.000 and 5.000 m2 and without SDE+ subsidy. With this data and by means of GIS, we have created a digital tool that maps all suitable rooftops with the respective information.

The province and the municipalities are already offering assistance to facilitate the installation of solar panels on rooftops. Within the municipalities, there are also interesting stakeholders and local networks that can reach the rooftop owners in a more direct and efficient way, for example local energy cooperatives and business associations. We have identified these local networks for our client.


Approaching the rooftop owners

In cooperation with the local networks and the municipalities, we organise several information sessions for rooftop owners. In these meetings we explain how to capitalise on their roofs by means of solar panels. We present the economic possibilities of their rooftop and give information about the SDE+ subsidy.

The owners get a roof scan which, based on the roof surface area, shows how many solar panels can be installed and what the expected capacity will be. The scan also provides information about the different business cases, so that the owner gets an overview of the necessary investment to be made and the possible investment options.

After having obtained authorisation, we request the SDE+ subsidy on behalf of the owner free of charge and make sure it is issued in their name. This is important in order to guarantee the freedom of choice for the owner in the follow-up phase.













Gepubliceerd: 03-07-2020