The energy transition is in full swing. The number of photovoltaic cells, wind turbines, geothermal sources, heat pumps and electric vehicles is rising and new applications are maturing. Simultaneously, ambitious goals are set at climate conferences, most recently in Paris and Marrakesh. These goals are ratified by the Dutch government in the ‘Energy agenda’. Therefore, many municipalities have plans to become energy neutral in 2030 or 2050 at the latest, with all implications.

The rising demand towards electricity and rising supply of sustainable energy is still manageable within the current power grid and network of supply and demand. But what will it look like when the entire system is renewable and green? What will such a system look like? What happens if everyone charges their electric car on a cold winter day during the demand peak of households? Is that even possible?

Over Morgen uses data to map future energy systems. We use our energy and urban planning knowledge to predict future energy demands and connect them to sustainable sources. We use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to localise the potential of several local sources and visualise the spatial impact of the energy transition.

We are looking for an intern that can integrate our existing knowledge in modelling (in Excel and GIS) and innovate towards a new, more advanced model. This quantitative model can be as a stepping stone towards an interactive software application.



Who are we looking for?

  • You have a background in Energy Science, Data Science, Applied Mathematics or similar fields
  • You have (advanced) knowledge of a programming langue for quantitative models, like R or Python
  • Knowledge of geographical information or software development is an advantage
  • You are interested in renewable energy
  • You enjoy pioneering and creating new solutions and applications
  • (Basic) understanding of the Dutch language is required

Where will you be working?

We are Over Morgen. Around 50 socially involved spatial thinkers and accelerators. We offer visible solutions for a better living and working environment. We are the partner for achieving societal impact on urban renewal and in the energy transition. Over Morgen is an informal, professional organisation with enthusiastic people that work independently and form a tight team.


Mail your resume and cover letter to or call Gijs van der Poel or Ruben Visser at 0318-624 299 for more information.