Over Morgen’s Gerwin Hop will be attending New York Energy week from June 16th to June 20th. The New York Energy Week is a platform where leaders in the field of energy transition can meet and exchange knowledge and ideas. For more info on the NYEW take a look at their website.

For more information on Gerwin take a look at his LinkedIn profile. You’re always welcome to contact Gerwin for a meeting or a cup of coffee.

How to create a profitable (public) charging network

Tuesday 17th Over Morgen will give a pitch on how to create a profitable (public) charging network on the Partnersession Mircogridelectric cars in the hague.

In order to replace fossil fueled cars with electric cars, a reliable, extensive charging infra  structure is required. Because many residents don’t have the possibility to charge their electric cars on their private property (>70%), most charging needs to happen in the public space.

To create this reliable, extensive charging network the city of The Hague decided to conduct a scan (using GIS analysis) on the demand of EV use in the future as well as the (public) space that can be reserved for charging infrastructure. The result of this scan is charging infrastructureused to create a spatial regulatory framework that describes the conditions under which entrepreneurs can creating charge points in the public space. These conditions include a differentiation along the line of charging options (private/public/semi-public as well as fast and slow chargers), thus creating a level playing field in which private investors can exploit their entrepreneurial activities, keeping in mind that the quality of public space is being preserved.

Many municipalities in the Netherlands are somewhat overwhelmed with the success of electric vehicles and the demand for charging infrastructure. They often use overregulation in order to achieve a (false) sense of security with regards to this new technology. This delays the possibilities for a profitable business case. Many parties focus on reducing costs in order to achieve this business case but forget to acknowledge the fundamental regulatory framework. Both obstacles (cost reduction and/or revenue improvement and regulatory framework) should be overcome to create a robust and profitable charging infrastructure.

Better and faster urban planning with Virtual Reality 

Urban planning is a process that involves many stakeholders, all with their own (hidden) agenda. Over Morgen uses Virtual Reality models to facilitate the discussions between stakeholders in urban planning projects. Our experience is that virtual reality leads to more transparency, VRtrust and therefore faster and better processes. During the New York Energy Week, Over Morgen will present their state of the art VR models to several US parties, to investigate if VR can work in the American context too.

The Dutch are famous for their broad deliberations on urban planning projects, necessary to shape one of the worlds most densely populated countries. Maybe VR can help your urban planning project too. Give us a call/mail to find out how.

Gepubliceerd: 16-06-2014