We are Over Morgen, a fast-growing sustainable consultancy firm with over 80 advisors. We work with an integrated approach at the intersection of sustainable urban development and energy transition. Our goal is to help create a sustainable environment that fosters future-proof social and technological development. At Over Morgen, we shape and deliver solutions. We assist you in your process management, project management and program management with a combination of data analysis, sustainability studies, financial management, co-creation and participation. We work with the public and private sector in the Netherlands and abroad.

We are Over Morgen. People-oriented, creative, realistic. We are experts in the field of sustainable urban development. We make viable plans and set clear, measurable goals. We take action while we think. We are transparent, enthusiastic and eager to involve you in our mission. We bring the right people together. Look further than money. Take responsibility. Know how to handle conflicting interests. We organise funding and get personally involved in every step, because bringing projects to life is what truly moves us. How about you?