Over Morgen’s urban development strategy is always sustainable and aimed at making an impact on society. We work for future-proof cities, (new) residential areas, industrial sites, urban and rural areas. Our expertise ranges from urban transformation projects to the development of sustainable residential areas and from regional plans to the repurposing of real estate.


Our main asset is our process, project and programme management combined with data analysis, sustainability, financial management, co-creation and participation. Our urban development projects are always based on an integrated sustainability concept. We have vast expertise in sustainable energy, mobility, circularity and climate-change adaptation.

We are dynamic, responsible, determined and persistent and like to think outside the box. We strive to deliver more than mere project results. That is why we invite our clients to participate actively in the process and prepare them to take the project forward.

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Integrated sustainability concept

We develop an integrated sustainability concept for real estate and urban development projects. Urban development entails more than just building housing or facilities. The area has to be provided with sustainable heat and energy, stimulate and facilitate sustainable mobility and it has to be circular and adaptive to climate change. The public space should stimulate healthy exercise and encourage the presence of flora and fauna.

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Data analysis

Over Morgen provides data-driven consultancy services. We analyse data and present the results in a clear, relevant way. We promote understanding through the combination, analysis and visual representation of data. The goal is to improve cooperation and the decision-making process. We leverage our experience and expertise in sustainable living environments to create appropriate information products.

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Area strategy

In order to translate the societal objectives and tasks into spatial development projects, Over Morgen defines a specific area strategy. This strategy is not a blueprint, but creates a framework that encourages new and existing parties to take an active role in the process. The development of this area strategy is a great tool for fostering cooperation.

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Development strategy

In our development strategy, we translate our goals and ambitions for sustainable urban development into an agile, practical approach. We know all the market players involved and what is needed to initiate a development process; we simply choose the strategy that will yield the best results, socially and financially.

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Process and project management

The success of an urban development project depends largely on its effective organisation. Our experienced process, project and programme managers create a clear structure and put together the right team for the job. The task itself is always central, but we also take into consideration everything that is needed internally in order to turn the job at hand into a success.

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Communication and participation

In order to have societal impact, we put the task, the area and the people at the centre. In every step of the process we aim to collaborate with residents, entrepreneurs, organisations and end users. We employ fresh, dynamic working practices and act according to the principle that cooperation is fun. Whenever possible, we go one step further and invite the stakeholders to take an active role in the development of the area.

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