If we want our cities to remain liveable and accessible, the way in which we travel from A to B must become cleaner and quite different. Technological innovations such as electric transport, smart charging facilities, mobility as a service and autonomous transport are the building blocks for the sustainable mobility of the future. But how can we ensure that this new mobility also contributes to the sustainability of our energy supply? What impact will this have when (re)designing an existing city or designing a future residential area?

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Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is the future of mobility. MaaS is a one-stop-shop for mobility, with all forms of mobility tied together to best serve the traveller. More and more forms of shared mobility are offered on the market. Cars, scooters, bikes. All these shared services have their own app, require registration on their platform, a warranty, etcetera. To plan your trip, you need to check all the apps to see what mode of transportation is available in the neighbourhood.


MaaS simplifies every travellers’ life by integrating planning, booking, payment and travelling. All journeys and all options in one overview, in one app. Every traveller gets the travel advice best suiting their preferences.

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Sustainable mobility and space

The pressure on available space is increasing. We want to build more and more on the same surface area. If we want to structure our future space in a smarter, cleaner way, we have to make our mobility more sustainable. This requires a different take on ‘traditional’ mobility. With our expertise in project management, data, spatial economic development, forms of cooperation and connection with the (local) sustainable energy supply, we advise urban developers and public administrations on how to integrate new mobility concepts into their spatial plan, in the tender and design stages.


The analysis of the local situation is always the starting point to define which approach will be the most attractive for our end user. In metropolitan areas, for example, a set of combined transportation services (‘mobility as a service’) is a viable solution for shortage of space and insufficient parking. A good public transport link could be a practical solution to make other locations more accessible.

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Smart charging infrastructure

Electric transport and charging infrastructure are inseparably linked together; with an increase in electric vehicles, there is a greater demand for charging solutions. This applies to passenger transport as well as buses, car sharing, target group transport for less mobile individuals and urban logistics. Charging infrastructure can therefore take different forms and sizes. It is crucial that the implementation of an adequate charging infrastructure be planned very carefully. We need to ensure that it is well integrated in the direct surroundings, that the local energy network can support the requested capacity and that there is an adequate local support base for the charging infrastructure itself.

We offer different solutions to optimise the integration and implementation of (different types of) charging infrastructure. Together, we work to create a clean and sustainable future.

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Making mobility sustainable

Electric cars are clean and quiet. They are also very comfortable and in many cases financially attractive. Improving the sustainability of your car fleet is a vital step towards reducing the CO2 emissions of your company. Over Morgen can help you find the most suitable way to make your car fleet sustainable. While for example helping you swap to electric cars, we also advise you on how to improve your overall mobility behaviour. You can opt for car sharing, electric bikes for medium distances and public transport. We will not only show you what your sustainability potential is, we will also demonstrate its value. And we will not just focus on the car fleet of your organisation – we will offer our consulting services on smart charging solutions on the workplace and in your employees’ homes.

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