The drive to make our energy supply more sustainable will gain considerable momentum in the coming years. We are steadily shifting to renewable energy sources: from polluting natural gas and coal power plants to heat and electricity derived from the ground, sun and wind. Our living environment will change too. Solar panels, solar collectors and wind turbines will play a great role in the energy transition.


Together with you, we want to safeguard (or even improve) the quality of our living environment and increase local support for the generation of sustainable energy. With this goal in mind, we make sure that solar panels, solar connectors and wind turbines are installed in carefully selected locations and in agreement with all stakeholders involved. This is the only way to obtain maximum support and a truly sustainable energy supply.

With our expertise in planning, participation, landscaping and technical design, business cases and financing, we help public and private organisations make deliberate decisions, smart choices and deliver projects effectively.

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Solar energy on rooftops

The sun is a great source of energy. The solar energy that reaches Earth in a year amounts to 9.000 times the energy that is consumed in the whole world.

By installing solar panels on rooftops, we can convert this energy into electricity. We map the potential in the area by means of GIS-analyses and we draft an action plan in order to stimulate the generation of solar energy on your roof: specifically tailored to your needs and supported by our knowledge and expertise.


Provinces and municipalities

With the programme “Make your roof pay its way”, we help provinces and municipalities in their efforts to encourage entrepreneurs to install solar panels on their rooftops.

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With our service “Future-proof: solar power on your roof”, we also assist entrepreneurs throughout all the necessary steps to build a solar power station on the roof of their business.

Develop your own solar farms or wind turbines

Over Morgen is committed to local ownership of solar and wind energy. This implies thinking locally in the development and co-ownership process. Therefore, we also develop the project together from start to finish. We start by drawing up the business case and make agreements on the use of the proceeds derived from the project, for example investing in a sustainability fund or a local area fund. Our extensive experience in dealing with municipalities and our knowledge of solar and wind farms are made fully available to you. As a consultancy firm and proud creators of our own solar farm in Apeldoorn, we have all the necessary expertise in-house.

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Establishing the perfect location for a wind or solar farm

The tender framework for solar and wind farms provides clarity to the parties involved in the area, the project initiators and the municipality on the locations suitable for creating solar and wind farms and on how we can build them together. This policy paper, which takes the form of a tender framework, provides clear answers to the many questions that arise and is designed as a tool to achieve maximum support.

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Knowledge transfer in solar and wind energy

If you have a basic understanding of the principles of solar and wind energy, we can provide better services to your organisation. In our three-hour in-company masterclass, you will learn about all the aspects involved in the construction of a solar or wind farm. After the masterclass, you will be able to effectively develop professional plans and strategies for the implementation of solar or wind farms and engage in negotiations with the market players.

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