By leveraging digitalization and data, Smart Cities provide an answer to the challenges awaiting our- and future generations. At Over Morgen we make cities smarter and future proof by providing data-driven consultancy services. We’re expanding our efforts by participating in the City Deal – ‘This is how you create a Smart City’.

We face lots of large, new challenges. Cities need to adapt to extreme weather events, a growing and aging population, increased sustainable mobility demand, increasing health-care costs, a dependence on fossil-fuels and other challenges we’ve yet to encounter. Leveraging data and digitalization is going to become more important in dealing with these challenges.

Data Driven Advice

Gerwin Hop: ‘At Over Morgen we provide data-driven consultancy services. We make use of tools and data that help us to determine how we can optimally deploy an electric vehicle charging-network in the city, how a sustainable heat- and cold infrastructure could be rolled-out and at what cost or how autonomous vehicles would impact public space.

A lot more data is being collected. We have more and smarter technology to handle that data. These possibilities also offer up an ethical debate, should stakeholders be involved differently and should legislation be adapted or changed for example. Digitalisation is changing our city, the way we design our city as well as the framework of legislation, procedures and processes which are necessary to facilitate these changes.

Uniquely Over Morgen

That’s why Over Morgen is participating in the City Deal ‘This is how you create a Smart City’. We’re going to work together with dozens of partners from both the public-, private- and educational sector. Through this deal we’re going to develop a toolbox of twelve smart-tools, including the necessary framework of legislation, processes and participation, that contribute to a meaningful, sustainable and democratic design of the city. Gerwin: ‘To develop a complete framework in this manner that makes the city smarter also represents the way of working that makes us uniquely Over Morgen, that’s also why we participate in this City Deal.’

Together with Arcadis

As of January 1st, 2020 Over Morgen joined forces with Arcadis Netherlands which is also a partner in this City Deal. Arcadis and Over Morgen will be closely collaborating. Gerwin: ‘Over Morgen is a foremost expert when it comes to societal transition and land-use. We’re looking forward to working with all partners in the City Deal over the next three years to make this a success. Together we’ll make cities smarter and futureproof.’

Reach out to Gerwin Hop for more information on the City Deal or data-driven consultancy services.