With the phasing out of natural gas extraction and the Dutch climate agreement, the heat transition is gathering momentum. Home- and property owners will soon be required to make their property natural gas-free. The central government expects all municipalities to present their own roadmap for sustainable heating (Transitievisie Warmte) by 2021, a detailed plan for the municipality’s transition to sustainable heating solutions. Municipalities are also expected to take a leading role in the process of phasing out natural gas. But what exactly does this entail? How can this be accomplished in a smart way, and where to begin?

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Programme management for natural gas-free heating solutions

We know from experience that the main step from vision to reality in the transition to natural gas-free cities and regions is the actual project execution. With our inspiring, integrated approach, we are able to tackle different issues across neighbourhoods and municipalities and coordinate the parties involved. Our experienced programme managers at Over Morgen provide consultancy to regions and municipalities to enable them to choose the most appropriate strategy and match planning and interests. Our excellence lies in the smart combination of data analysis, technical and financial know-how and process knowledge. We develop a programmatic approach and support its implementation.

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Roadmap for sustainable heating

The roadmap for sustainable heating (Transitievisie Warmte) provides the focus and direction that is needed to move forward with the heat transition. Cooperation with the stakeholders is essential. This roadmap provides insight in the choices to be made and clarity on the timeline for the transition towards natural gas-free neighbourhood heating. It also sets the right framework to enable a thorough political decision-making process. It is the perfect basis for a programmatic approach to the heat transition in the municipalities and for implementation plans at the neighbourhood level.

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Regional Structure for Heat

The Regional Structure for Heat (Regionale Structuur Warmte – RSW) deals with heat within the larger context of the Regional Energy Strategy (RES). This document revolves around the use and distribution of heat sources at the regional level and the underlying considerations. We focus on cross-regional heat sources that can be claimed by several municipalities. How can we determine whether a certain heat source is suitable, and how should the heat be redistributed? In cooperation with the regional stakeholders, we draw up an assessment framework within the scope of the RSW and jointly come to an agreement on matching supply and demand for the heat transition.

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Sustainable real estate strategy for housing corporations

A step-by-step transition towards a CO2-neutral housing stock: this is the essence of a sustainable real estate strategy. We lay the groundwork by means of smart data visualisation. By establishing precise work processes and policy criteria, we create the framework for a tactical and operational implementation strategy.

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Neighbourhood implementation plan

The neighbourhood implementation plan (Wijkuitvoeringsplan) lays out how specific neighbourhoods will handle the phasing out of natural gas. This process will be carried out with full consideration for public space and housing as well as the neighbourhood’s identity, its residents and stakeholders. We start with an interactive approach, by getting together with the stakeholders to work out the feasibility of technical solutions, financial packages and the realisation of the project.

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