Heat river power plant.

Municipality of The Hague

Question for us
Based on effluent, how do we create a feasible energy concept for homes?

Our solution
Annually, large-scale industry releases 6 times the total amount of energy required for the city of The Hague into air and sea. We pay for the generation of energy but throw away the leftover heat into the sea or air. And this heat we dearly need elsewhere.

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Gerwin Hop

Gerwin Hop
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Municipality of The Hague

Reusing heat energy for homes started with an initiative by inhabitants. Together with an energy advice partner we worked out the concept into a feasible business case. The options to upscale energy provision to neighbourhoods close-by in the future have by now been investigated and documented. All stakeholders have been involved, in order to ask them what they need to support the project. Based on this, we have further developed the business case and organisational model. This takes careful listening, recognising the differences in interests and looking for common ground. A creative and no-nonsense approach has made the difference in setting up an appealing and sound investment proposal.

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