Over Morgen has substantial expertise in the formulation of sustainable energy strategies for Cities and Region’s. Cities’ and Regions’ energie systems need to be CO neutral in 2050. But how do you shape this transition and how do you involve stakeholders. Over Morgen has both the knowledge of sustainable energy systems and stakeholder participation to formulate a sustainable energy strategy that has the support of all key players.

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Regional Energy Strategy (RES)

We support almost half of the 30 Regional Energy Strategy (RES) regions in the Netherlands, in differing degrees. Our approach is thorough and gives careful attention to the administrative process. We give a clear picture of the task at hand and ensure support for the process among stakeholders and public administrations. We involve governments, entrepreneurs, residents and educational institutions because we believe that this cooperation delivers sound strategies that have the potential to turn into reality.

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Energy modelling

We use energy modeling to visualize the energy transition for local, regional and national governments. How many wind turbines and solar fields will be needed in 2050 to be climate neutral and how will we store energy when the sun is not shining? And how does the heat transition work? How many houses have to get rid of the gas to achieve the energy targets?

Energy modeling provides the insights that administrators need to make choices for our future. For example for the Regional Energy Strategy or for the development of sustainability programs (what goals do we pursue and how can we achieve them? For this we use the Energy Transition Model (ETM).

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Sustainable energy implementation plan

With a sustainability implementation program, we help to draw up an action-oriented plan that municipalities and other stakeholders can use to bring ambitions to reality. We draft the programs in co-creation with the main stakeholders and relevant departments within the municipality.

Together we shape a road map. In addition to bringing in substantive expertise, we always outline which process must be followed and what organization is required to initiate the realization of the implementation.

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