Consultancy on business case for a public charging network in Zoetermeer

Over Morgen was asked by the municipality of Zoetermeer to provide a detailed financial plan to help them determine their fees for public charging in conformity with the market and based on a cost neutral operation. With a comprehensive analysis of different social and economic factors and data-driven models, Over Morgen elaborated a promising exploitation strategy that makes the public charging network future-ready.

Charging infrastructure roadmap Zeeland

The province of Zeeland asked Over Morgen to map the demand for public charging infrastructure in 2025 and where it will concentrate. They were also asked to build a roadmap with specific, concrete steps towards the implementation of an adequate charging infrastructure in the most suitable and accessible locations.

Large-scale energy exchange at Flight Forum Eindhoven

Flight Forum Eindhoven is a business park that wants to become more sustainable and stimulate large-scale energy generation through PV systems and large-scale energy exchange. They can generate a substantial amount of solar energy on individual roofs, but are not always able to provide for direct consumption. Therefore, they have asked Over Morgen to help them find possible solutions to be able to exchange the generated energy withing the compound. Over Morgen came up with four promising scenarios to improve Flight Forum’s sustainability and make large-scale energy exchange possible.