In 2016, the municipality of Amsterdam has developed its ‘Strategy for a natural gas-free city’. Its goal: a natural gas-free city with affordable and sustainable alternative heating solutions. Moreover, Amsterdam wants freedom of choice, a voice for its residents in the decisions to be made and open networks. In 2018, the new municipal executive board has gone one step further, by declaring their goal to be natural gas-free by 2040 instead of 2050 and to become trendsetters in the Netherlands and in Europe. Over Morgen has offered its contribution to this extensive, challenging programme.

To reinforce the strategy, the main stakeholders, whose contribution is essential for the success of this operation, have closed a City Deal. Signatories of this City Deal are five corporations (including the federation), network operators, heating companies and the !Woon foundation.

Over Morgen gives its contribution to this extensive, complex and challenging programme by making its experienced programme managers available. The programme can already count on a team of roughly 30 experts. Within the scope of this programme, we focus on important strategic topics, such as:

  • How do we direct the right type of energy to the right location within the city?
  • Which renewable sources are available now and in the future?
  • What is the business case for the whole city? How can we engineer affordable solutions?
  • What is the timeline for different neighbourhoods to phase out natural gas, and which technique will we choose to employ? Which guidelines will we use for assessment?

Our solution 

Next to the above mentioned activities, we are also working on communication strategies, campaigns, strategies and approaches for participation. Several neighbourhoods have already started the process of phasing out natural gas. This programme offers an important learning environment for the development of policies and for the ultimate decision-making process that the municipal administration has to face. It is also a valuable instrument that provides the central government with ideas for choosing the right instruments, regulations and legislation.

Gepubliceerd: 15-06-2020